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 (I)   Register
(II) About the products
(III) Placing an order
(IV) About the payment
(V)  About delivery
(VI) After-sale service

(I) Register 
Q: What can I get from your website? 
A: "” -3CPLAN LIMITED. is specialized in phone repiar parts & accessories over 1800 items.
     Our products are mainly for Apple & Samsung & Huawe & Sony & LG etc, like LCD, Touch panel, Housing,
     flex cables, camera, power case, accessories, etc.


Q: What is your advantage? 
A: Our advantages: 
 1) Various product in low MOQ and bulk prices.
 2) Strict quality control, all products are 100% tested before shipment.
 3) Fast delivery- within 24 hours
 4) Professional website platform and one-to-one online service.
 5) Products are all covered with warranty and insurance.

Q: Why should I trust you? 
A: Company Certification 
Business Registration Certificate:
The Cyber Search Centre of the Integrated Companies Registry Information System
We are young, but we are a professional Team.

Q: How to register? 
A: See the video below.

Q: Why should I choose an assistant? 
A: 1). One-to-one online service. 
    2). Offer you with better price. 
    3). Handle after-sale matters. 
    4). Provide you advice of products and shipping. 
    5). Supply you with new arrivals information.

Q: Why should I fill in the business information?  
A: 1). Better for you to fill in your true and valid information.
          The more information you fill in, the faster you will see the price. 

    2). Serve the customers of completing information in priority. We tend to B2B(Supermarket, 
         Online store, Repair dealer, Factory, Trading company, Drop shipping)

Q: How can I contact my assistant directly and quickly? 
A: 1).Skype on the left of the website.  
    2). WhatSapp/WeChat on the left of the website.  
    3). Email.

Q: How can I send my feedback? 
A: 1). Feedback  
    2). You can send your feedback to your assistant by Skype, WhatsApp/WeChat or Email.
         He/She will reply your feedback  within 24 hours.


(II) About the products
Q: How can I get the price?  
A: You need register in site, and login to click the pricelist.
B: You may send message to your assistants asking for pricelist.

Q: My account is unlocked, but I still cannot see the price. Why? 
A: Please logoff and logon again, then the price can be seen .
      If still not, please contact your assistant directly.


Q: Where is the pricelist? 
A: After register in site, please login your account; you can get the price here.
     If still not, please contact your assistant directly.


Q: Why can’t I find my items? 
A: 1). Please shorten your keyword. 
    2). Please change another similar keyword. 
    3). Please contact your assistant directly.

Q: How can I get the new arrivals? 
A: Firstly, you can visit the "News" page in our website; Secondly, The new arrivals will be sent to you by email;
Finally, follow our VK:3cplan, the news will be updated every day.(mail subscription)


(III) Placing an order
Q: How to make an order by the website? 
A: 1). Choose what you like and add to your cart. Then confirm the order.   
    2). You can also send a list about the item ID and quantity in Excel Document to your assistant,
then she/he will help you to make an order in your account.


Q: Why can't I see the unit price when I submit the order? 
A: The final unit price will depend on the quantity. Also you can see the price range
for each product if you have an account on it. (Become Wholesale Customer)


Q: Why didn't the price display in the cart? 
A: After the process of order finished, the assistant will quote to you manually.

Q: What does the final unit price depend on? 
A: 1). The more quantity you order, the better price you will get. If the quantity is less than MOQ,
the final unit price may higher than the price range in the website. 

    2). The better price will be given to regular customers.

Q: Must the quantity up to the MOQ? 
A: We do recommend that the quantity up to the MOQ.
      For some special items, you can contact with your assistant for details.


Q: Can I make a small value for the trial order? 
A: Trial order is acceptable. As the high shipping fee of importing,
      we do recommend you that the value of your order should be over USD300.


Q: Can I get a free sample? 
A: some of the samples are free , otherwise others not. Please contact with your sales assistant to
     confirm if the sample is free. And
 according to our company's policy, the customer must afford
     the freight or provide account of freight collect
 for free sample.

Q: Can I still make an order if the products are out of stock? 
A: Firstly, you should contact with your assistant to confirm the stock. Besides, you can pre-order the
     goods once out of stock. We will inform of you if the products arrive.


Q: Which shipping way is the best for me?  
A: For most area, DHL is the best way for you. For Southeast Asia, fedex is the better way for you.
     For Mexico, UPS is the better way for you.But there is exception in case of special products
     or official shipping restriction.

Q: Can I revise my order after submitting it. 
A: Yes, you can revise your order. But you need contact with your assistant for help if the order is confirmed.
He/She will help you to revise your order.


(III) About the payment 
Q: Which payment method do you accept? how long it will be confirmed? 
A: Please refer to the below:
Payment Terms
Confirm time
Western union/Money gram
 Within 10 mins
Bank transfer
 Within 2-3 working days.

Q: How to check the payment details?
A: You need contact with your assistant. and please clik how to pay for details.
1. You will be responsible for handling fees on your side.
    Therefore,please confirm the total payment amount  with the local bank before you transfer the money. 

2. If you are in US, you are strongly advised to pay through Checking Account.
    Paying with checking account will save you in charges associated with Western Union. 

Note: Please make sure to leave the tracking information to you assistant.


(V) About delivery 
Q: What is your delivery time? 
A: Usually it is less than 3 working days after payment confirmed.

Q: When will i get the tracking number for my package? 
A: Usually, you will get your tracking number in the second day after your package is sent. Click here to see why.

Q: What document do I need for the customs clearance? 
A: You can take the shipping invoice. More documents you need from us, please contact your assistant. Details>>

Q: What should I do in case of my package detained by the local customs?  
A: Please contact your local customs ASAP to check the reason. Take all needed documents to customs.
Or find a customs broker to help you solve it. Details>> 


Q: Why is there no update for my tracking number? 
A: 1). If your package is still in China, please contact with your assistant to check it. 
    2). If your package is in your local country, please contact your local carrier (DHL/UPS/Fedex/EMS). 
    3). It is normal for EMS, please be patient to it. Your package is still on the way.
        Also you can make a call to your local EMS to check the latest news.


Q: Why did I get the opened box? 
A: Please check the completeness of the products firstly.
    And then contact your assistant ASAP if there is something missing. 

    Note: Your package may be unpacking inspection by shipping forwarder, carrier,
              HK/China customs, and consignee's Local customs.


Q: How to ship? 
A: We use "Prepaid Only"and “Prepaid or Freight collect “ shipping methods. 
Shipping Express include:
Note: If you want us to ship the order via above four shipping express,please leave your requirment to the note in the process of placing an order.


(VI) After-sale service 
Q: If the products have warranty, how long is the warranty period? 
A: In principle, 3CPLAN will warrant all the Genuine products for 1 year, OEM for 6 months,  HC AAA for 3 months