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Parcel seized by customs - Non-Full Insurance


To better improve our service and reduce the customs clearance loss for customers, 3CPLAN specially issued a new insurance policy on parcel seized by customs. It will be charged according to the different goods cost range. The amount details are as below:

Compensation Flow:

Application: Customs can apply for a certain compensation in the following cases of destination clearance:
Case 1 Goods Customs Clearance
Parcel is seized by destination customs, having to contact the local customs company to assist the clearance.
3CPLAN  will offer 80% fees for handling the customs clearance. (The final chargers offered by us will not exceed10% of goods cost).
Customs clearances fees: it mainly means extra fees charged by local customs or by customs clearance company. The normal taxes or incidental expenses charged by customs are excluded.
Case 2 Goods Mandatory Return (EMS)
For failure of EMS customs clearance (excluding DHL&UPS), parcel will be forced to return.
Note: For failure of DHL or UPS customs clearance, we not accept the return of parcel. If customers insist to send back to us, you should afford all the redelivery costs including return shipping cost, customs fee and incidental expenses.
3CPLAN will offer 20% shipping costs for redelivery. (The final chargers offered by us will not exceed 10% of goods cost).
Case 3 Goods Compulsory Destruction
For clearance failure of parcel itself, it is unable to return and compulsory destruction will be done.
3CPLAN will offer 18% goods cost as compensation.
 Compensation Proof:
Case 1: Customers need to provide the invoice issued by customs clearance company.
Case 3: Customers need to provide the official written certificates for goods compulsory destruction or the proof that goods will never be released.
  1. Any one of above-stated cases appeared, we will make compensation by the form of discount or refund as coupon in future orders.Meanwhile customers are obliged to show the certificates of authority.
  2. Insurance is only applicable for 3 shipping methods (EMS,DHL and UPS).
  3. Insurance will never be returned once submitted.
  4. Brazil, Argentina and Russia can not enjoy the Insurance at present.
  5. Customers who not buy the insurance will not enjoy any compensation for Parcel seized by customs.